Friday, 18 May 2012

The Enchanted Tea Party

The supermodel Natalia Vodianova recently designed a dress to sell through Caramel Baby & Child with all the proceeds going to her foundation Naked Heart Foundation. Natalia´s beautiful daughter Neva can be seen here wearing the dress...

  To celebrate the launch of the Natalia dress the ladies at Caramel Baby & Child threw an enchanted tea party at their Notting Hill store in London. 

Now I love the idea of an enchanted tea party.  It´s probably my favourite children´s party theme.  So here are some gorgeous inspirational pictures....

whimsical party in the forest by cristina

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Enchanted Forest Tea Party by tameka

My daughter´s 2nd birthday

Enchanted Forest Tea Party

Enchanted Forest Tea Party

Here are some adult versions.  Absolutely gorgeous.... wouldn't you just die to be able to have your next dinner party in a setting like this! 

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